Docs should focus on experience, not on tech

Had our designer use Plasmic and he ended up not liking it, but not because the product — it was the docs. When I troubleshooted Plasmic with him, I agreed — the docs made it feel like the company was focused on their tech and not our experience. Not saying that’s true, but that’s what it felt like. If you all are able to prioritize docs, we’d love it and would love to try Plasmic again.

I’ll forward this to the team. Thanks for your candid feedback!

I agree with this – to add, as a developer, while it’s nice having stack-specific guides, to be able to understand Plasmic and how it works better it would be nice to have more of an API reference around topics, with sub-topics fleshing out the differences in the different stacks

yeah. The doc experience can absolutely be improved.

@usual_termite @innovative_grouse Following up on this - do you have any specific feedback here? Really appreciate any and all suggestions - would love to do better.