Documenting design path/decisions over time

Nice to see A/B testing demoed by @yang on
Would love to see this evolve to include even more User flow/collaboration features. Like not limited to testing, but ideation too:

  1. Document design path/decisions. If I change the design this way what happens?
  2. Who said what about about an idea, which let to this new design direction?
  3. I look too FigJam for this work, my ideas start there, but it’s not integrated with Figma enough and could be one app.
  4. Copy/Paste from Plasmic to FigJam (& Figma) could help bridge the gap.

We are actually working on something that is eventually closely related to this… We are working on branching as a first class feature, which would allow you to trace the lineage of how the design has evolved and branched.

Super cool, as it’s hard to communicate such an organic and winding process. Combine that with the fact that Designers tend to find communication hard and therefore struggle to explain how a design got there.