Does dynamic bindings enable linking Plasmic CMS collections? And require nesting?

Do I understand correctly that with the new dynamic bindings feature, you can link in the collections of plasmic cms to another collection of plasmic cms, for example, a product is associated with a category…? and is it true that in order for dynamic bindings to work, you need to use them inside the plasmic cms component?

I didn’t fully understand the first question, but for the second: imagine the data is like a React Context: when you add the CMS fetcher component, all it’s children will have access to the data it fetches through data binding just like a child would have access by React Context, that’s why you need to use them inside the fetcher component.

Thanks! 1. can I make two collections, one products and the other category, and from products refer to a collection of categories using dynamic values?

Yes, you can do that. And then you can nest your CMS fetchers. You can display some products, and for each product fetch and display all of its categories. Or you can display some categories, and for each category fetch and display all of its products.

Oh, it’s good that it can be done! Just as I don 't understand yet, can you briefly tell me what steps I should take ?