Does /plasmic-host need to live in the same codebase as the loader codebase?

Does our /plasmic-host with all the code components need to live in the same codebase where all the page are fetched and served? Running into some CORS related things right now and our best case is to move the plasmic-host into a separate deployment

Hi! The purpose of /plasmic-host is to just 1) register code components with the studio, and 2) render the artboards in the studio. To do so, it needs to have access to all the code components that you are using.

Therefore, /plasmic-host is not relevant once you are in production, so it’s totally fine for it to be a different codebase, as long as it has access to the same code components

Perfect, thanks!

Would you mind sharing what was the CORS issue you encountered?

main-a7292fb79065d180.js:1 DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a cross-origin frame.
This was the error we ran into, for some reason it was only happening in our main repo. Tried removing the security headers that we had set in the next.config.js but still no luck