Dropdown menu vanished after update.

I have an issue with my dropdown menu from the antd5 package, it had been working perfectly fine until I pushed new updates to the page yesterday. Now all the menu items within the dropdown have disappeared. When I manually add in a new menu item under the dropdown, at this point the menu items reappear (the 3 links in the screenshot), but an error message appears. Then when I delete the new menu item, the 3 menu items/links disappear again. Is there a bug?

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 10.35.43.png

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 10.35.51.png

could you link me to the project?

Sure https://studio.plasmic.app/projects/hVrCe6QR8zQ6ffGdoxKcVS
And here’s how it looks deployed: https://7f61afeff096-shared.lowcodeunit.com/

ah I see the issue, will roll out a fix

Great, thank you

sorry this is a little held up, should be rolled out tomorrow :pensive:

Was there a fix rolled out?

hello! You should be able to configure your dropdown now; sorry for the delay!

Thanks, I have that configured now