Dynamic values not working in custom SQL query.

Any reason why I can’t use dynamic values in custom SQL queries?

The first pic is an invalid query, while the second works fine.



I can get it to work when not using json directlly. There’s an issue with how this handles data I think. If I use a single string, I’m fine, whereas when I list several results it doesn’t work. If I paste this code output in the SQLL query, it works. :frowning:

I suspect we’re not parameterizing array values into sql correctly… @icaro_guerra

@icaro_guerra helped me out and AFAIK this has been fixed. it’s working now!

WHERE id = ANY( {{ ARRAY_VALUE }}::uuid[] )

Is working for me

Oops, forgot to mention it here too.

P.S someone give Icaro a raise


well that’s great :smile: