Early user feedback - disappearing desktop frame, moving across screen sizes

Any major issues that a newbie needs a ‘heads up’ on?
I did see 2 things, but too early to know if they are bugs:

  1. A Desktop frame’s content disappeared, only to return when I generated an extra Desktop frame from the Mobile Frame.
  2. I was moving content on Mobile frame and the desktop (master) content moved as well.
    On a positive note, in the short time I have used this - it’s VERY impressive and everything I was hoping for in Framer.

Thanks for the feedback, and kind words!

  1. You can create any number of screen size artboards, it doesn’t have to be 1:1 with breakpoints - it’s flexible, though a source of confusion, so we also want to think about how to make this easier to understand
  2. Unless you are recording your edits to the mobile variant (indicated with red), your edits go to the base variant by default