Error component with no importPath with project sync command

Hi all.

I am having this issue, this started when I registered a component who is working in the studio, preview, locally, etc. The only issue is when I press publish fails in plasmic syncing steps. I added the importPath and it didn’t work.

I am doing exactly how I did it before with other component who is working, I think could be the new component but it seems to be almost the same. I will appreciate any help.


Plasmic error: Encountered code component "CompVrAq1T05P6" that was not registered with an importPath, so we don't know where to import this component from.  Please see


Hi @javier_cornejo-alfar , are you using codegen? Because your PLASMIC.registerComponent call means you’re using the Headless API.

Unless you know you want to use both, you should be using either codegen or headless API (either @plasmicapp/react-web or @plasmicapp/loader-* is installed).

Let me know if that helps!

Hi Yang thanks for your response. No I was just using headless API, just making changes with studio a nd publishing to github directly from there, then, I register a component, run dev locally nad everything is super, then I press publish from studio to publish to github and I saw failing in Sync steps, then I ran locally sync to understand the problem.

Now I have doubts, if I register a codeComponent that mean I automatically using codegen and not headlessAPI? I am using loader-nextjs

I tried again just adding the registerComponent line, i went to studio and added to the page, then press publish to github (from studio) and fails in sync step.

(My apologies if I understood something wrong)



If you already have a codebase locally and are doing registration there then you won’t need to create another codebase on GitHub, it sounds like that codebase was also a codegen codebase. Headless API already let’s you load designs into your app. See Headless API vs. Codegen | Learn Plasmic

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Thanks @yang what I was trying to do is to design with studio with a local codebase but then pressing the publish button in the studio, so of course, I do not need to do that but for designer could be a great feature in the future to not deal with git command or UIs. Anyway, I understood the flow, thanks.