Error: $queries is not defined

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I did something (not sure what) that resulted in Preview mode breaking with a white page and an error ‘Error: $queries is not defined’. The studio itself is working fine and uploads all the dynamic data as required.

What have you tried so far? (please link relevant docs and other forum posts)

I have tried backtracking my steps with ‘Undo’. - No effect.
I have tried adding {} as a default state to all the props of all the components on the page as mentioned here White page with "$queries is not defined" error. - Issues - Plasmic Community - No effect

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Hello @alexander_eliseev.

What component is throwing this error when previewing in the project?

Hey there! It was the whole page. No specific component. Now the error has disappeared. I suspect it is because I set one of the props on the component settings page to {}