Evaluating Plasmic as a tool to build a web app

hey all - currently in the evaluation stage of using plasmic as the tool to help build our web app. I know that you all advertise that you use plasmic to build plasmic…are there an examples of what that could look like? I mainly see alot of websites right now.

Hi @communist_cod,
For the Plasmic project, you can scroll down to the end of homepage https://www.plasmic.app/

You will find a project link


oh cool, missed that. Thanks!

just to clarify- the landing page was built in the tool - but studio was not, correct?

Sorry, I’m not sure about that.

Plasmic team can share better insights on this. They might have used it for certain sections of the studio.

The studio also uses Plasmic to build some of the components. For example: the top bar and the side bars are all built on plasmic :smile:

Cool! Thanks.

@communist_cod The entire logged in dashboard, the various sidebars, the modals - most of the Plasmic UI is built in Plasmic at this point.

sweet! that’s helpful. I’m working through with my frontend eng on whether this will work.

He’s mainly concerned about the cleanliness of the code (since there are instructions commented in the file), and rigging data to different page components, and animations.

Still running through the docs, which are very helpful. But any more color on those things would be helpful too :smile:

I have a complete full stack tutorial on building a chat application. It doesn’t cover all of the features such as code components but provides a complete example on how to do authentication, connection with backend and component substitution.

Let me know if that helps

@communist_cod we built our entire production-grade web application at breadcrumb.so in Plasmic: http://g.recordit.co/bLpipgBpMr.gif