Existing component variants stopped working after adding Plasmic host

Our existing components that had variants stopped working after adding in a Plasmic host

We also have some sections where the value is turned off but the UI is still showing

very strange, looking into this

Awesome, thanks!

for Section/ Blurbs / Blurb, it’s because the Color=Default variant is making section-blurb__title visible, which is probably unintentional

For CTA, Background=blue variant is similarly activiting visibility on the Section-CTA__label element

got it, it’s most likely unintentional. Is there a way to revert styles to base defaults?

I assume that this is going to be an issue for a number of our components since there’s no clear indication of what has been changed with the base in the variants

Nvm, I found what you meant :man-facepalming: I’ll sync with the designers to make sure they revert it back to the original after making these changes

When recording is on, you should see red dots next to the Visibility section. You can right-click to clear the setting (which reverts it to base) :slightly_smiling_face: