External video not displaying in Plasmic Studio Viewer

Hey Guys, Generally having issues embedding an external video (using Vimeo iframe) into my site. When using an external html5 file it displays as expected with the embedded code. Why wouldn’t this work for an embedded html element in plasmic studio viewer?

Any help would be much appreciated, the working file has been attached and see screenshots in thread.


Using the html5 format in embedded element

Just importing the div here, both instances I’m unable to render the element in plasmic studio


I don’t think you can paste a whole html document in there, can you try pasting just the tags inside the body?

@yang Hi Yang, sorry for the late response. Should I have the div nested inside a body tag?

No since you are already pasting into an existing document that has its own html, body tags

Okay trying this now

As above, where I tried pasting the div tag itself in the embedded code box, nothing renders

It works for me: