Feedback on building internal form based apps with Plasmic

I’m trying to achieve the following with a no-code/low-code tool:

  1. Non-tech people building simple web apps. I come from a fintech company, so there are often a lot of adhoc pages like customer onboarding forms, internal approval forms, etc.
  2. Tech people controlling the components that non-tech people use. These components have state, can make API calls, etc.
    From what I understand so far about Plasmic, Code Components try to solve these problems. I have some feedback though:
    • Behaviors still need to be wired to the code components by the developers. Non-tech people can’t do it.
    • There’s no global state management that users (non-tech / tech) could use to wire to components or responses from api calls.
    ◦ Example usage is a form builder that starts up with some state, and dynamically creates new fields based on api responses / selections on the page.
    • Code components registration appears to be quite tedious. Especially if I have a design system that I want to use in Plasmic.

Hi @marginal_baboon, thank you for the feedback! This is squarely the use case that we are focusing on for our upcoming iterations of Plasmic.

We are currently working with customers to make sure their exact scenarios are satisfied by what we are building. Would love to learn about your case as well.