Font spacing becomes wider after Plasmic component loads

I’m experiencing weird font spacing issues when trying out plasmic for the first time. Tl;dr once plasmic loads, the font spacing flashes and becomes wider

I made the footer on every page a plasmic component. Before the footer component loads, the font spacing is normal. After the footer loads, the font spacing increases. This is a custom font, and when I loaded the custom font into plasmic is also has the “incorrect” spacing width. However, the font used in production should be hosted by my vercel app, and so I’m quite confused why I’m seeing this font issue

fwiw, the font displays normally on my computer as well and this is the font that I’ve added to plasmic

Hi, what’s the project URL and production URL? Feel free to DM me if private

Oh, if you have ever imported the Ant package, it may be due to that - sorry about that, it’s an issue we’re fixing. :sweat_smile: If you’re not yet using any Ant components you can remove the package, let me know if that doesn’t fix your issue:


(Side note, you can ensure your designs load as part of the static page or SSR page, rather than dynamically loading in the browser client-side - the quickstart has some code for this in getStaticProps: )

Oh yes I think imported the Ant package—will remove that and give it a try!

Thank you :slight_smile:

removing the ant package did the trick. thanks again!