Getting a duplicate onClick interaction?

I’m trying to set an onClick event, its seems to create dupliate onClick interactions in studio and I can’t set the event name.

Hey Chris! Sorry about that.
All event handlers should appear only in the interactions section.
Can you share your project id?


Thanks Samuel, I got it to work in the end with a custom function. Also I realised I needed to deploy to test it, as it wouldnt work in preview.

When I tried to use Invoke Event Handler, I wasn’t able to set an event name.

Also I would see 2 onclick events in the interactions panel when I only created 1.

You can only use “Invoke Event Handler” for the event handlers created in your component

You shouldn’t see 2 onClick events in the interactions panel. Can you send me a screenshot?

Ah ok I see

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 15.54.44.png

theres no second action set so it makes no difference, just confused me at first

Oh sorry! What’s the component name?