Getting an empty arena on all pages

@chungwu @yang in our project, going to any page now results in this a message “This custom arena is empty”, i.e. we no longer have access to our pages in plasmic! Refreshing does not help :warning:
Project: k5wi36LTCNmnJb5rh2sgis


It does not happen in this project:

the data is still there; appears to be a UI bug

oh! the error message is wrong, but you can just click the big square + button on the canvas to add more artboards for the page

probably the last artboard just got deleted so it looks empty. We sync artboards across all the page arenas, so once you delete the artboards from one page arena, they all get deleted. But you can just add artboards back

@chungwu this happens for existing pages… instead of showing the page, it shows an empty screen and this message

and it shows the ability to add an art-board in the middle…

I.e. if I click the “Home” page, it shows me this

I would expect to see my existing page!

Yeah… for now, ignore the blue message, but use the giant square button to add new artboards for the page:

Do I need to add back art-boards for all my pages? Why did this happen?

No; all the pages should use the same set of artboards

But why were the artboards suddenly delted?


Probably someone just deleted the artboards on one of the pages

and since artboards are synced across all the pages, they all ended up looking empty

I believe I am the only one using this at the moment… but ok, let me try to add them back…

Ok, thank you @chungwu. back in business

@chungwu ok, the mistake was on our side. Someone had been in and accidentally deleted them

thank you for looking