Getting an overwritten text message from Plasmic

Hi All,
I am new to Plasmic and building a hackathon project website on Plasmic. Couldn’t find the way out of this error.


Can anyone help please?

I would try the instructions it gives you… what are you trying to achieve? Looks like you have set the text of something in the “Mobile only” of something (the Page ?). So then you might go to that MobileVersion and change the text there or remove the override…

Hi Ayush, when you go to your variants bar at the stop and click “Mobile only” you can either edit the properties in the right sidebar. Also you can see which variant is has settings and clear them by looking at them in the left sidebar and hovering over the blue dot. The blue dot is an indicator of different variants overriding each other.

I have struggled with this many times. Basically if you see a dot next to a property, it is important. Greyed dot means you are on the wrong variant to edit the property. Each variant can override another and prevent you from editing a property unless you are on that variant. I hope this helps.

And this also can happen with text, links, and other things you would not expect. Which can cause a link or text to show one thing on one variant and something else at a different.