Getting Custom CSS Class of a Component

Is there a way to get the css class of a component? I am not really sure how to go about using the Custom CSS Embed component I added to the page. How can I target, say, the Embed HTML component that is already on the page with content in it?

The docs say: “Simply define the class, and then on any element you want, apply the class there.” How do I “apply” the class?

It may be worth mentioning that my Embed HTML component is loading the html content via a data query

I see that the Embed HTML component doesn’t have the HTML Attributes section like other components. Is that intended?

Hi @exhaustive_panther! You can edit the code of the Embed HTML for something like:

<div class="my-class">

then you can target .my-class in your CSS. Does that work for you?

Yes - components in general do not have a HTML Attributes section, only tag elements.

I don’t think that works because the embed html components loads html as dynamic value from an Airtable query.

Is it possible to type in the code as you suggested and then specify where the result of the query should be inserted within that code block?

Since you are using a dynamic value like $ctx.airtableData , you can use instead something like: "<div class=\"my-class\">" + $ctx.airtableData + "</div>"

Brilliant, thanks! I managed to target it by wrapping the embed in a section for which I could specify a classname and referenced it like that.