Getting errors deploying with Plasmic CMS

Plasmic builds fine in the app, only when I then deploy to Netlify does it fail. I do have a Plasmic CMS installed as well which I assume is causing the TableFetch error we see with the DB? - looks like Plasmic is automatically a collaborator

could you invite the plasmicops user to github?

sure, invite sent

Sorry about this. I believe it should work again if you upgrade to the latest @plasmicapp/loader-gatsby package (1.0.103)

Sorry if this is a daft question, but does Plasmic not do this for me when building in app?

fair question :sweat_smile: We think of the Github repo that was created as “yours” – you could add code components, change the initially included code, etc. We do not try to make any changes to your repo besides initially setting it up.

Ah I see, so on new projects it would use the latest stable packages, then its down to us to maintain, got it :+1:

Yup :sweat_smile:

Ok I have updated to @plasmicapp/loader-gatsby package (1.0.103), and the site deployed! but… now the screen goes white after a reload

maybe I need to rebuild in plasmic?

ack, fixing

then as I have you :smile: one final question… I’ve got Plasmic CMS and the CMS data loader, can I make these click through to a single post?

you could use the “CMS Entry Link” component, which can wrap around an <a/> element, and inject the CMS field you pick as the url for the <a/>". So for example, you might have CMS Entry Link with “table” set to “blogs” and “field” set to “slug”

ok let me try that, I got layout issues last time and thought it would be nice to have the link value in each prop