Getting errors following Asim's WhatsApp tutorial

I have been following @zonal_mammal’s great tutorial on YouTube: “Let’s Build a WhatsApp Clone with ( Plasmic | NextJs | Supabase | React Query ) - Tutorial”.
It has been an excellent learning experience so far, but I am stuck at around 2h 50min:

I am getting errors in two files, components/UserProfile.jsx and lib/supabase/profiles.js. I got errors after coding along, but copying and pasting from the github repo did not fix those errors. It is not a typo on my side.

Here are the errors I am getting:

Hi @melted_sturgeon,
The tutorial was released in JavaScript with the intention to keep things simple and focus more on Plasmic concepts, that’s why there exists no types in the current version of that project.

I would recommend disabling the typescript linter because there will be type warnings in multiple places and it would be take some time to review and add types.


Hi @zonal_mammal
Thank you!
Disabling ESLint did not help, but it did have to do with typescript checking.

I managed to sort it out by adding the following to settings.json in VS Code:

“javascript.validate.enable”: false,

Interestingly adding the following did not make any difference:

“typescript.validate.enable”: false,

I was hoping this last line would solve it but it was the javascript one that did it.

In case anyone has a similar issue. here are some references: