Getting useLayoutEffect warning with nextjs loader

Hi all,

Not high prio, but I noticed something while on the latest nextjs loader (But I think not related to the loader).

 Warning: useLayoutEffect does nothing on the server, because its effect cannot be encoded into the server renderer's output format. This will lead to a mismatch between the initial, non-hydrated UI and the intended UI. To avoid this, useLayoutEffect should only be used in components that render exclusively on the client. See <> for common fixes.

We don’t use useLayoutEffect in our codebase at all. Wondering if anyone else saw this.

Hey @very_crab! This should be fixed with the latest version of @plasmicapp/react-web

currently I am only using "@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs": "1.0.203"
is it an internal deps from this package

Hi @samuel. Not sure if you are the right person to contact about this. But i’ve updated the plasmic loader-nextjs to 1.0.205 today and I still see the warning.

my project does not make sure of react-web. Can it also be updated/patched for the nextjs only projects?

What is the status here? I also suffer from this warning.

I’ve updated to the latest one, cleaned cache locally and it is resolved.
As of writing this the latest is 1.0.212

cleaning cache and older artifacts includes
• .next/
• node_modules
• package-lock.json

Thanks :pray: , updating to the latest packages helped!