GIF is not working in Plasmic

while other .gifs work in plasmic, this one won’t play. Maybe you have an idea why?

also, I’m wondering if .mp4 support is on your backlog (they are less heavy)

Regarding support to video files (e.g. mp4), you can create a HTML video element and use an external source URL

Regarding the issue with that .gif file, that might be a bug related to image optimization. I’ll investigate it further to find out what’s happening

alright, thanks.
got a recommendation where I could easily upload a .mp4 for this purpose?

Dropbox is a good one

are you sure that the HTML video component takes .mp4s?

these here won’t play:

Yes the HTML video element takes MP4s

When I click on your examples they seem to be taking me to an HTML response…

To confirm, you can try using the MP4 from our own website at

you are right ofc.
it works now with

(not sure how to get the actual .mp4 response link with dropbox