Graphql Requests working in preview broken in local and deployed site

Requests to my shopify graphql API from the plasmic commerce components have started to fail in my local and deployed envs, but not in the preview. No query string is being passed to the gql request, specifically from plasmic commerce components like the Product Box.

NextJS commerce specific gql requests that do not run through plasmic components are working fine

The access token and base url look fine. Everything was ok until I did a republish and sync after making some styling changes this morning

Hi @luke_neff , I’m not yet spotting issues with Next.js Commerce components or Shopify GraphQL endpoints - a few questions to dig deeper:

  • Can you try creating a brand new Plasmic project, adding the Shopify components, and pointing them to your store—do you still see issues with that?

  • Do you see any errors in the editor or is it only once on your deployed live site? (I am not seeing errors while in the editor.)

  • Is there a specific live URL where you see this happening?

Hey @yang - resolved this issue by rerunning plasmic sync with the --force flag. Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem, but I get TypeError: Cannot read property 'componentImportPath' of undefined on the plasmic fix-imports step that runs automatically after sync.