Have some inconsistent display issues with components

We are having some display issues with components.
See attached screenshots with layout shifts:

  1. This is how it looks inside of plasmic on two of our team members browsers (seems like none of the padding/margin is applied)
  2. This is how it looks on my browser (correct, this is what it should look like)
  3. This is how it looks in live
    a. No space between icons and text
    b. The items are not aligned on the left side correctly
  4. How one of the card components looks like in plasmic
    a. This is correct, even though there is some layout shift happening with the tags → seems like they are 1-2 px too low in the container. This does not happen to all of the tags, seems random
  5. This is what it looks like in production
    a. Layout shifts on the title → title and subtitle not aligned
    b. Layout shifts in the tags → Text is not centered
  6. & 7. Browser inspect. Don’t really know what is happening here



@chungwu Do you have any idea what could be causing these layout shifts?

could you link me


It’s on the Dashboard page. Thanks for having a look!

Hi @glorious_lynx; sorry I just looked into this. Are you using codegen? If so, can you try upgrading your version of @plasmicapp/react-web to latest? We recently fixed a bug around slot spacing for projects with localization turned on, which I think may be relevant here