Having problem loading some artboards in studio

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing great :sunglasses:
I’ve been trying plasmic lately and I’m having a problem loading some variants in the studio
Sometimes they load, sometimes they don’t.
This is only happening when I set the host app URL to my localhost, everything is much slower compared to when I use the studio pointing to the build on Cloudflare pages.
Maybe it’s because I don’t have HTTPS on my local server? any ideas?


hmm what framework are you using?

it could be that your local dev server is not happy with simultaneous requests (when you open an arena with many artboards, they would all be bombarding your local dev server with requests) :thinking_face:

makes sense, I’m using Gatsby, basically just a fork of this template.
any workaround to get this working? should I move to nextjs maybe?

For now, you could develop against a local production build (so do yarn build, yarn serve, and point your app host url to that instead). This should be fine if you’re not actively working on code components that you’re using in Plasmic…

thanks! but In this phase of the project, I’m trying to build all the necessary components for it to work so maybe that’s not the best solution in my case, maybe I can try to build the components on another server using nextjs and port them to Gatsby after they are done.

I’m just curious if this has something to do with my current version of gatsby/node.

Gatsby CLI version: 4.7.0
Gatsby version: 4.7.1
Node: 16.13.0

We updated the gatsby page with snippets of code that you can add to your gatsby-ssr to help with this issue: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/gatsby-quickstart/#step-3