Host app URL now overwrites the query parameters

@chungwu looks like an update was made where you append ?origin=... to host app URL without checking if there is already in a ? in the URL… This has broken all our host-apps because we are currently appending ?projectId=.... ourselves to the URL, to pass that into the host app…

Below is what the URL ends up as, and our host app is crashing because of it… Could this be fixed? Should be as simple as using & or ? when adding origin=.... based on whether there is already a ? in the URL …


Hey thanks for finding the problem. We’re working on a fix now.

@insufficient_clam thank you!

Fix is rolling out now. Can you check back in ~1 hour?

Will do. Thank you

This should be fixed now if you give it a refresh. Let me know!

@insufficient_clam works again. Thanks for the quick fix

np, sorry for the issue!

Related to this issue, we had Plasmic crashing as well. I think it was caused by our trailing slash redirect. I added a trailing slash to “Configure host app” in Plasmic for our sites plasmic host URL and it started working.