How do I link back to previous screen?

how do I link user back to previous (for example when exiting a menu)?

You can use javascript:history.back()

But for real menu functionality/accessibility, would recommend relying on code

ok cool thank you

so in your opinion - where does Plasmic best fit in the product development cycle?

or can it be used throughout?

Hi @frantic_tarsier - it can be used throughout, but our main use case today is letting editors build and publish content like landing pages etc. without developer involvement

What is the use case you’re interested in?

i’m building a new website for the tech company i work for and i’m trying to ensure that it will be easily editable by designers who don’t know how to code

so what is made for essentially

my situation though is that i’m mainly a front end developer/designer and haven’t built many sites from the ground up

so i’m just wondering about the best approach in terms of using plasmic in my workflow

i’m reaaally enjoying it so far by the way

so if I start making changes to the code - will those changes be reflected in plasmic?

like, does it update both ways?

It’s a one-way sync of the designs you create in Plasmic into code (using either loader or codegen)

But you can register code components, and the latest versions of those components are what you can drag and drop in your Plasmic designs

For the behavior on interactive components like menus etc., that’s still best handled via code, since you can’t express logic in Plasmic

Plasmic is more for your designers to fill in the (static-ish) content on the page—they can drag and drop code components with interactivity and behavior, but not create these types of components, if that makes sense

right makes sense