How do we send form values to react js app?

We have created a signin form with username and password fields in plasmic studio. We would like to capture form values when user enter the data in sigin form in react js application.

Can you suggest how do we proceed?

Easy route: use the built-in Plasmic login system.

Custom route: add an interaction to the sign-in button to POST to your API. In the POST JSON body, set fields like username and password. For their values, set them to dynamic values that pick the state of the username and password inputs.

Hi Yang,

We are expecting the form values in React JS component instead of API request.

Hi @raghu_y , we just released a new form system today, which should make it easier for you to consume the form values through a single state variable. You can then consume this state variable however you want, such as from an interaction or sending it to an API endpoint. Let me know if that helps or if you have any specific questions here.