How does Plasmic load the latest changes?

Hoping someone can help clarify how this works, or point me to the documentation that will do so. I’ve created a project through my terminal using the create-plasmic-app instructions shown here. I’ve made changes in the GUI and have published those. I see the new code files in my local environment. Here’s my confusion - how am I seeing those change in my local environment? I didn’t pull them in through something like a pull call. I did try running the plasmic watch command, maybe that pulled it? It doesn’t appear that git is involved in this process, so how does versioning work with Plasmic without setting up a third party repo like Github first? How can I configure the project now so that when I publish in the GUI it pushes to an external repo? Thanks advance!

This works by pulling the latest (published) Plasmic designs over the “headless API” (aka PlasmicLoader).

LMK if this technical overview helps: