How to approve Plasmic Github integration request?

Does anyone know how to accept a request to publish Plasmic to a Github repository? After sending the request I’m not getting an email.

Hi @rubber_ocelot, I’m not sure what is meant by this - if you are connecting Plasmic to Github, there’s no email involved, just a popup window where you need to grant access.

Do you have a screenshot of the step where you’re getting stuck?

Hi Yang,

I sent a request through the Publish section and it’s currently pending like this. It looks like I have to accept somewhere on Git

That’s strange - the admin on the org hasn’t received an email?

Yeah, neither the admin nor I (who have privileges to this particular repository) have gotten an email

If you had admin privileges then you should not have been prompted to send a request, you would have been able to immediately grant access

I went through the process and received this email, did the admin receive something like this in their spam box?

Let me check with our account admin

figured it out! thanks Yang. will reply to this thread if anything else comes up