How to build integrations/plugins on top of Plasmic?

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I’d really love to build on top of Plasmic, like an integration or a plug-in. Is a program like this in the works for some time in the future?

Hey! What kind of integration or plugin are you thinking?

Me and Asim are working on a small component library. Headless UI Data Components

Secondly, I was thinking of doing a design system manager —but I was more just asking in the broad sense

Piggybacking on this, embedding a restricted variation within our product with preselected components and specific guard rails for customers to use

I also would like to know about this from the developer and the user side. having an abundant array of components available, even a marketplace for components, templates etc like Figma, Jira and others do would be invaluable. this would exponentially increase the value of the product just as it has done for tools like figma, jira, etc.