How to commit Plasmic changes to a branch other than main

Hello, everyone! I’ve been trying to answer this question for a couple of days and still don’t have a solution. How to I commit Plasmic changes in a branch other than main??


currently the only way to change the branch is if you click remove to remove the github integratoin, and them connect again, when connecting to a existing repo you can select the default bbranch you want to commit/create new prs

also, if you push as a new pull request, it will automatically create a new branch for this change (and create the PR to main)

I will try to work in adding a way to change this default branch without having to disconnect/connect again.

Hi @dangerous_beetle , you can also easily eject and take control of the plasmic push action:

Thank you for the help! That was pretty detailed. I’ll go with github actions. Really appreciate it