How to convert a headless API project to a codegen one?

Hi, I am trying to convert a headless-api project to a code-gen one

some import path is however missing/empty after running the plasmic sync command
(see ln37 and ln39 in the attached image)
seems only the code component import path is missing, is there some configuration I need to made or I should edit the generated file?
(the screenshot is taken from PlasmicHomepage.tsx , it is a plasmic generated file

hi @national_dragonfly! For codegen, you can specify the importPath in the component registration:

icic, thanks for the fast response :smiley:
I knew it is likely that I missed some config XD

Hi, I have add the ‘importPath’ in my registration call but the import path is still an empty string

Is there more configuration needed?

it is the home page that is importing the component, in case it matters

will also dm you the proj id in case it is needed

hi @national_dragonfly! Looks like the components registered in your project’s host page are still missing the importPath prop

Issue solved, thanks for the help in dm