How to copy pages across Plasmic projects for branching/merging?

hi @yang and @chungwu We are working on branches with a couple developers. We already have a duplicate Plasmic project that is connected to a specific development branch. We like being able to develop in this sandbox environment without worrying about screwing up our production site. Is there a way to copy pages across Plasmic Projects? If not, is there another method you recommend for sandbox development environments?

For now, we’ve been recommending creating throwaway sandbox copies of projects, not intended to be merged back together. If you are in a bind, you can use the import hack to copy stuff across projects in general:

However, we are also actively working on supporting branching and merging as a first class collaboration feature.

@yang Awesome - thanks for the information

hi @yang We are a couple weeks away from going into production on our site. We will need to use the cross-project import hack to get items we are working on from our sandbox dev sites to the staging site. We have tested this and found out you need to share the plasmic-host from the production site. Obviously since the sandbox sites are for development, I would rather not have to share the plasmic-init.ts file but it seems like this is the only way. Do you think this is the best way until branching and merging functionality is completed?

I see in your Growth plan there is this: Branching (early access). Do you have anymore information on this?

Hi! The main thing is that if you want to import components from your sandbox project, and they use certain code components, then those same code components would need to exist in the production host page as well. If they’re new code components, it should be relatively low risk to deploy those to production first.

Thanks @chungwu for your input. Appreciate your perspective! Do you have any more info on the Branching feature?

Still working on it :grin: Even with branching, though, when you’re ready to merge, you need to merge into a project with a host page that will contain all the code components used by the merged content

ok awesome. Good to know about the shared host page :wink: