How to create animations like Framer?

I want to create custom animations - ( for every component that I add into my plasmic app.
I tried first by adding as code components. Is it possible to add all my possible animations as plugins/ or is it better to add all 100 components as code components.

And is it possible to ad timeline.js to my plasmic app - What I am trying to create is convert plasmic into a design tool for my banners/creatives like in This is basically the objective, is the methodology for this correct? in terms of feasibility.

You can certainly add code components for animations, similar to any of the built-in ones (many of which are behaviors that can be attached to arbitrary elements)

I don’t understand the second part of your question, add all 100 components - what components are you referring to?

Yes, you should be able to make timeline.js work. We’ve done similar things with carousels etc. The only tricky part might be handling slots for the contents, depending on how it’s implemented

All different kinds of template animations that I want to load and keep in plasmic.

We have currently added animations as custom behaviours as individual animations.