How to drag-move an element with free positioning without relocating it?

how can I move a prop children element between the screen freely without putting it inside another component? I tried pressing command, option, ctrl, but none helps :disappointed: I’m currently using the layout position manually to achieve this

I’m not sure what you mean…?

when moving elements through the screen, once I drop it, it gets inside another element (left bar) instead of only changing the Position. I would like to know if there is a key to press when moving elements that will change only the Position.
its clear now?

Not for now, you can either use the right sidebar controls or the arrow keys

gotcha! would be great to have it. I can easily see designers moving it around without realizing they moved it outside the component. In fact, I did it… I was moving the button to fit the right position, and when I tested it, the behavior stopped working, then I realized I moved it outside where it should be