How to ensure codegen in correct nested route paths?

How do I ensure that pages with nested urls in the form /about & /about/the-team are generated as /pages/about/index.tsx and /pages/about/the-team.tsx (NextJS) ?
Currently, instead of the index page under about folder, plasmic generates an independent /pages/about.tsx which means I have to manually update plasmic.json to reflect the desired structure. Unfortunately the changes are blown away anytime I make changes to the page in Studio

Hey @warm_swallow! I’m sorry, we don’t have a setting to change that default at the moment. But it makes sense to at least respect renames between /pages/about.tsx and /pages/about/index.ts. We will work on that and I’ll let you know once it’s ready!

:thumbsup::skin-tone-6: I’ll be on the lookout for that update. Thanks for all the great work!

Hi @warm_swallow! We’ve just published @plasmicapp/cli 0.1.184 with a fix to tolerate renaming between pages/about.tsx and pages/about/index.tsx: Please upgrade your Plasmic CLI and let me know if you find any issues with this new behavior.

Awesome, will check it out!

Seems to work just fine. No issues so far.