How to get ui-devtools to work with Plasmic?

Hey everybody! Trying to get setup with Plasmic, but haven’t been able to get it working properly with Plasmic. Anyone here have experience with this or can share some insight?

Hey @awful_bee, I’m not sure if I get how this would integrate with Plasmic. How are you envisioning this integration?

Hey @tiago - essentially the same way the video demo shows. Have all the changes automatically synced back into the code from the UI wrapper it adds to the app.

I’m afraid there’s no way to edit styles in your browser and sync that to the styles of a project inside Plasmic studio. Our model is different from pure HTML/CSS/React and a generic tool that does not know about it would not be able to make changes in it.

I believe you can get a similar behavior to that tool by setting style tokens in studio.

Got it. Ok, good to know! Thanks!