How to handle multiple in-flight updates to components in the same project?

Hi everyone! I have a question, we have a plasmic project which contains a lot of plasmic components (projects). The problem is that every time we update one component, we deploy the entire project and once that’s done, we have to update this dependency to the newest version, for example:

"@plasmic-project": "1.0.0" ------> "@plasmic-project": "1.0.1"

since we have multiple teams and people working on different components, we end up doing this a lot of times and deploy the entire project multiple times. I saw in the plasmic.json file there is a version of each component we have, I wanted to see if it’s possible to import single plasmic components to other projects, that way we would only be updating single components versions instead of the entire project version, this is how it would look like:

"@plasmic-project/componentID1": "1.0.0" ------> "@plasmic-project": "1.0.1",
"@plasmic-project/componentID2": "1.1.3" ------> "@plasmic-project": "1.1.4"

Any help would be amazing, thank you in advance!

that’s an awesome idea, but unfortunately versioning only applies to projects right now. would it be reasonable to have a project per component if you’re looking for this level of fine-grained versioning?

Yeah we were actually already exploring the idea of doing that but I decided to reach out and see if this was possible as of now, but thank you anyways!!

@vocal_moose We are actively thinking of ways to improve this