How to I redirect to a checkout?

I’m testing the ecommerce possibilities but I’m stuck with a very basic issue. How can I create a Cart button redirecting to a checkout (like a Shopify checkout)? The Cart component doesn’t seem to be a button but just fetching data about the total price of the cart or the amount of items in it.

Hi, @successive_mule Kenny here. If you want to have a button in your project that redirects to a URL when clicked, you can do that by setting the link meta prop of the button to the desired URL. If you have a /cart page and would like to navigate to that page at the click of a button, you can also specify that via the link meta prop. Let me know if this helps or if you need more clarity

Hi @successive_mule, when you insert an Add To Cart component from the component store, you should see a button. Clicking this will add the product to your cart. If you don’t see a button, what do you see instead?

Note that this is different from the Cart component, which is just for displaying information about the current state of your cart. Please let me know if that helps!

Hi @burning_silkworm and @yang and thank you so much for your answers.

It is not really what I am really looking for.
The Add To Cart button works and the Cart infos are well updated. No problem to get to that stage.

My problem is after that. How do I go to the next step - the checkout?

The Cart item from the commerce package is not a clickable element or a button.
How do I connect all of that to a checkout system?

If you are using a platform like Shopify, the checkout is owned by Shopify. So you will just need a link that takes users to the Shopify checkout URL for your store.

Thank you so much!! I will have a look

Hi @successive_mule
Did you solve this issue?

Thanks in advance