How to integrate Plasmic to work with Wordpress

Hello, do you have a guide on how I can integrate plasmic to work with Wordpress?

Hi - we actually just released some short guide to integrating with PHP. Would this help you in your case? (It does require knowing where in your Wordpress files to drop this in)

Got it, how plasmic is solving localization? – for example, we have pages that have multiple languages. Thank you!

@capable_sawfish We’re attempting to use content from POEditor to fill out various component slots from Studio. This means that the slot default content in Studio is disregarded in production. Limitations include: 1) Having to design components with additional slots (hiding them in the variants), as we can’t change the default slot content in the component variants, and 2) We can’t seem to be able to customize only part of the text within a slot (e.g. bold, uppercase). Let me know what ideas you come up with since we’re still testing!

@easy_jellyfish, thank you for the details. Does it mean that I can participate in testing (can I access this functionality right now)?

@capable_sawfish To clarify, I’m not from the Plasmic team - just an enthusiastic user. Sorry I gave that impression!

@capable_sawfish If you don’t have an existing localization framework and you’d simply like to make the in-Plasmic content localized, the easiest approach is to use variants (create one variant per region).

If you already have existing localization framework, you can do it from code via overrides or passing in slot args.