How to make maybeFetchComponentData include the params field for dynamic pages?

hi there,
my plasmicData from PLASMIC.maybeFetchComponentData doesn’t seem to be including the “params” field for dynamic pages. I’m currently using the latest version of “@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs”. Everything seems to be ok in the studio, with a slug and a preview parameter that is working, just can’t seem to get the params to pass it to the plasmic root provider:

// This is the plasmicData.entryCompMetas[0]
    "id": "Kn1mbE7yp-",
    "displayName": "Directory: Catalog",
    "usedComponents": [
    "projectId": "poKQNv6xkeMV1TnfpVHVmC",
    "name": "DirectoryCatalog",
    "renderFile": "render__Kn1mbE7yp-.js",
    "skeletonFile": "comp__Kn1mbE7yp-.js",
    "cssFile": "css__Kn1mbE7yp-.css",
    "path": "/directories/[directorySlug]",
    "isPage": true,
    "entry": "render__Kn1mbE7yp-.js",
    "isCode": false,
    "isGlobalContextProvider": false,
    "pageMetadata": {
        "path": "/directories/[directorySlug]",
        "description": "",
        "title": null,
        "canonical": null
    "metadata": {}

hi! You need to be sure to pass in the page params from your router like this:

<PlasmicRootProvider pageParams={{...}}>

i think the big confusion here is coming from the docs themselves! According to the documentation i need to pass the following to the plasmic root provider:


• Head is not defined in the code
• pageMeta doesn’t have any params object (pageMeta is coming from the entryCompMetas object
• it works for me (nextjs) when passing the router.params object to the “pageParams” not the “pageQuery” parameters