How to organize components and pages into folders?

Hi, I don’t find any way to organize my components and pages in folders. I can’t either reorder the pages. This makes the project hard to maintain if you have dozens of components and pages.
Am I missing something? What is the recommended way to organize pages and components?

Do you mean in Plasmic Studio? I’ll share this feedback with our team. Unfortauntely there’s no way to organize into folders in the Studio at the moment

Yes, I’m talking about Plasmic Studio

For now, it’s common for users to prefix the page names so that alphabetically, it makes sense

Another question about the organization. Is that possible to use several projects within the same gatsby website?
For example, I could have a project for blog pages, and another project for classic pages and generate the pages of them both in the same website

yes! you’ll notice in our docs that in gatsby-config.js, the projects settings is an array. so you can add as many projects as you rwant there

Oh great, I missed that, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: