How to prevent each page from being wrapped with context providers and just provide centrally?

Hello Plasmic friends! We’re working on some fun stuff with GlobalVaraints and codegen. Providers like the following, with value={undefined}, are inserted around our pages. We setup these providers in our code, higher up the tree… this requires us to manually remove these providers from each new page published. Otherwise the undefined value is always used.

<MyGlobalVariantContext.Provider value={undefined}>

Are we doing something weird here? I got excited when I found wrapPagesWithGlobalContexts in plamsic.json… but this seems to affect <GlobalContextsProvider> only. Any chance there is a way to prevent these contexts with value={undefined] from being written in published pages?

ah you are right, there’s no way to tweak this today; we should provide the option in plasmic.json :thinking_face:

thanks! no rush.