How to publish a single page at a time?

Hello everyone
I’m an web developer and our company just started migrating our site to Plasmic.

I would like to know how everyone is managing having multiple editors of the site working at the same time?
Normally, editors can edit one page at a time on a CMS and they publish it on its own. Plasmic only allows the whole repository to be published from the way we have it setup atm. This is causing two users who are editing separate pages to inadvertently publish each other’s unfinished changes.
How are you guys dealing with this? And is there a way to only publish a single page?
PS: Please let me know if I am way off. Perhaps we need to change our setup

I’m happy to chime in, only to provide my opinion and perspective. It sounds like you’re experiencing a similar frustration as many before you.

You may benefit by pivoting your perspective, and avoiding convergent thinking.

Plasmic has many benefits, including speed of design and front end development. It may be helpful to you to reconsider how your roles are structured, as you’re adopting Plasmic. Due to the benefits of Plasmic, you may be able to shift to having just a single “Web Designer” on your project. Once that person becomes proficient in Plasmic Studio, it would be hard for me to conceive that they couldn’t accommodate larger development teams.

This frees your other designer to start on a new project, focus on other artistic things like content, including copywriting, or animations. Or, you could even shift to a paired programming model that has them collaborating to make the best design decisions, with only one person on the keyboard.

Good luck, and welcome!

This :point_up_2::skin-tone-5:if you want to spice it up a bit, we have someone that does designs and layouts. then another team member comes in and does interactions, responsiveness, and deployment. This workflow is synchronous and suits us quite well.

Thanks! Page-level publishing is also a common request, and something we’re actively thinking about streamlining…