How to quickly preview default fonts?

Hello, I just started using Plasmic and was trying to navigate the default fonts and found it annoying to have to manually enter every font without having a preview or finding a separate page one can have access to/ look up and sort the current default fonts. Is there a link, page or something somewhere to find a list of all the fonts currently in the default library? A way to sort through them by style elements such as sans-serif etc?

Hi @responsible_cricket, are you referring to the Custom Fonts left tab?

For the normal (non-custom) fonts available in the default font picker, you shouldn’t have to enter the fonts there, you should just be able to pick them or type to look up, as you say.

Also, the default fonts are just Google Fonts, so you can always go to for a more full-featured font explorer where you can filter by font features.

But for the Custom Fonts tab, that is for entering arbitrary other fonts that are not built into Plasmic, so those will need to be entered by name. For instance they could be fonts that are already provided by your code base/application. However you only need to do this one time, and after that the custom font will be available from the normal font picker.

Let me know if that helps!

Hello, yes I’m referring to the normal (non-custom) fonts. I assumed they would be the same as Google Fonts but when I was looking through Google Fonts and wanted to pick a couple selections from there, those fonts weren’t already available via the normal font selection, so I was confused. But that’s understandable if not all 1300+ fonts are included automatically.

I also tried looking up a couple fonts in the normal Plasmic fonts via Google fonts and thought I couldn’t find them but now I think I had the wrong settings on!