How to receive props when creating dynamic pages?

Question: I’m following the dynamic driven page guide for NextJS and I would like to know how I would setup my page template in Plasmic Studio to receive the props once the page(s) are generated.

updated: resolved.

also does this guide account for a index route, meaning:

     -> / *index for product route
       -> /products/[slug]. *goes to a single product page

Hi @useful_gibbon, the index route should be something you can treat separately (Next.js doesn’t include it in the dynamic route handler)

Thank you @yang, I managed to resolve this through reviewing the Github example. Very excited that this is supported!

I do have one follow up question, is there a way to pass the slug via meta props or custom page props in the Studio UI? Currently I am pulling via next/router

  const router = useRouter();
  const { slug } = router.query;

  async function getData() {
      { slug: slug ? slug : 'introduction' },