How to remove Plasmic copyright notice from site?

I would like to remove the Plasmic copyright notice (which isn’t even written correctly, FYI) from my site, but cannot find a way. It appears as a separate footer only when generated, nowhere in the visual studio. I inspected the element to find the code block, but then can’t find it anywhere in any of the local code files. I would appreciate help in figuring out how to remove this (I respect Plasmic’s software, but it looks a bit “off” on a personal site, as though it’s not mine).

Hi @tricky_hoverfly! We don’t generate that. Can you share your project ID so I can see what’s going on in your project? Are you using any libraries that could be adding it?

No clue what else would be doing it…

It probably came from some insertable template, but can be safely removed. Can you just delete this vertical stack in Footer Section component?

Ah, I had been looking for it, but it wasn’t showing up… the section displays below the footer in the visual studio, so I’m glad you caught that. That fixed it, thank you!