How to render dynamic variations in an Express SSR app?

@yang Few questions regarding Plasmic:

  1. Possible to do Rendering dynamic variations for A/B testing, personalization, and scheduled content with Express based React SSR app? The docs mentions an example with Next.js specific loaders and it might be different from our existing app.
  2. Is it possible integrate our custom A/B service?
  3. Do we need to publish our app every time we are changing the split % for A/B?



  1. Yes. We can follow up with more details, but on the server, you’ll be able to determine which bucket the user should fall into, set a cookie, and render right variation of your Plasmic page for that bucket.
  2. Yup! We talk about it here, but happy to help you figure it out in details.
  3. If you are configuring the split in Plasmic, then yes you do have to publish the Plasmic project for the change to be visible to your app. But you may not have to rebuild / redeploy your app, depending on how you are reading data from Plasmic.