How to see response from webhook?

hey everyone! is there a way to see the response from a webhook? I’m getting back a 400 error and trying to debug what’s going on

sorry to ping you directly @yang @chungwu but we’re planning to release our Plasmic-built site soon and this is one of the last remaining blockers. I’m able to curl the webhook URL by hand and everything works properly, but I always get a 400 error when triggering the webhook in Plasmic Studio

please let me know if there’s any information I can provide that would help debug this

what’s the project id?


hmm I’m also seeing an error when I curl:


that’s expected, I have a header configured for that in Plasmic Studio

you should also see that the response is a 403 in that case, still not a 400

ah yes

it looks like your endpoint perhaps only supports http/2? Our server makes the request as an http/1.1 client. Curl also fails with --http1.1

aha! interesting, I’ll look into that

thank you!